Have you seen these beautiful colorful balls in our store? They are beautiful, unique hand-blown glass ornaments hung in windows and doorways. They have been around a long time, so maybe your grandmother had one at her house when you were a child.

They are called witch balls, some call them Spirit balls.They have been a tradition in the United States since at least the seventeenth century. Witch balls are old traditions that serve purposes for modern use. Many people still hang them outside of their front doors and around their homes as pretty decor. Hang witch balls on garden hooks outside windows and doorways to trap potentially negative energy. Gazing balls, similar to witch balls, are placed in the garden as a decorative piece and to ward off pests from the garden and home. It will bring prosperity and keep misfortune away. Witch balls are popularly believed to protect one’s home from evil spirits. The  glass witch balls contain strings of blown glass throughout the interior of the ball and the strings act to capture the evil spirit inside like a spiderweb catches flies and insects.

It is also believed  that these balls made people use small circle shapes as ornaments on their Christmas trees as we do today!

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