We have a few things at Gramma’s to help with those spring time annoying allergies.

First THE SALT room! We have little inhalers of salt too, for breathing iisues to relieve that little tickle in your nose.

Essentials oils work well with allergies. Essential oils that detoxify or clear the liver can be very beneficial, since that is where the build up of toxins are in our body. Those build ups is what creates almost all the issues that most allergies bring us. These include cypress, helichrysum B., juniper, lemon and orange that studies shown bring the most relief to most people. Most people diffuse a few of each or make a blend that is pleasing to you.  Not everyone can use or wants to use the same one, so that I always leave up to the person own personal choice of scents and what they prefer.

The one blend I enjoy for that little cold or allergy triggered cough is using lavender and peppermint and lemon. Put a few drops of each in your diffuser with water to get relief from that sneezing, tickley throat feeling for a few hours. You can make a personal inhaler to smell these a few times a day as needed. So many blends and single oils we carry may help so stop in today to see our selection. I find it helps with the mental fog that comes with nasal congestion too!

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