Stones to Help Balance Your Chakras

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Shungite


Amethyst - Crown - 7th Chakra: Helps clear negative or addictive emotional patterns. Facilitates conscious connection with spirit guides, Angels, and Source.

Lapis Lazuli - 3rd Eye - 6th Chakra: Inner vision, truthful communication. Helps in recognizing and dissolving emotional pathologies. May enhance telepathy and past life recall. Deepens meditation.

Sodalite - Throat - 5th Chakra: Enhanced insight and mental performance. Aids one’s insight, allowing understanding of emotional issues. Conjoins mental acuity and psychic ability for wider awareness.

Rose Quartz - Heart - 4th Chakra: Supports the heart in healing from trauma and/or disease. Aids in releasing past wounds, teaches trust and hope. Encourages spirituality of love.

Tiger's Eye - Solar Plexus - 3rd Chakra: Supports hormonal balance, enhances general vitality. Facilitates finding emotional harmony with others. Instills spiritual balance, stamina, creativity and clarity.

Carnelian - Sacral - 2nd Chakra: Supports strength, vitality, sexuality, detoxing from alcohol or drugs. Increases one’s courage and enthusiasm. Aids in overcoming hesitation and finding courage to grow spiritually.

Shungite - Root - 1st Chakra: It is the most powerful stone for balancing the root chakra. Rids one of the negative emotional patterns and can generate emotional rebirth. Prepares one for light body activation, balancing and aligning all the particles of the body. It is the stone of truth.


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