Who doesn’t love the amazing fall foliage, apples and pumpkins galore, the fall festivals, football and cool crisp nights? We can bring the smell of fall in your home!
In a diffuser add water and use these recipes or create your own!
Fall Air: 3 drops of Patchouli 3 drops Orange 1 drop Clove
Pumpkin Pie: 5 drops of Cinnamon Bark 1 drop of Clove 1 drop of Nutmeg
Spice Cider: 4 drops of Orange 1 drop Clove and 1 drop Nutmeg

FAll scents are bergamont, ginger, patchouli, fir, cinnamon, cedarwood, sandelwood, orange, tangerine and so many ways to use them to create a scent of fall.

Come see us for your essential oils needs!

Have a great day!

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