Affirmations do work! They strengthen you by helping you believe in the potential of an action you desire to manifest of life desires. When you verbalize your dreams and ambitions out loud in present tense( as NOW), you are will be empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that your wishful words and thoughts will become reality.

So be positive, think positive, speak positive words to yourself and others! If you constantly think negative or bad thoughts or have negative feelings, you are creating a pessimistic reality for yourself and those around you. What is great is that YOU can change your future reality to amazing just by changing how you think and how you feel about things. It will take a fair amount of emphasis of positive thinking on your part, effort and patience BUT is well worth it in the long run. This can be applied to every part of your life, such as financial, work-related, inter-personal relationships, love or any other thing in your life.

Affirmation can be changed daily to how you want to change your life.

Here is a few samples but the list in never ending!

I love and approve of myself.
I trust my inner wisdom and intuition.
I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made.
I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at this.
I trust myself to make the best decision for me.

Then BE THANKFUL for the life you were given, you were given one life to live, so lets make it count in all ways!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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